Brisc’s List

During CSM 13, when Brisc was doing outreach to players about their concerns and issues they’d like to see brought to CCP, he would frequently tell them “that’s on my list.”  Brisc’s List grew  as the year went on.  Now that campaign season is upon us again, Brisc’s List is starting to grow.

Here’s a list of things that Brisc wants to work on if re-elected to the CSM.

BIG IDEA #1: Conflict Drivers 

  1. Give Nullsec Something to Fight Over

It has been over two years since the last massive Titan brawl happened in X47.  One of the biggest contributors to the idea that nullsec is “stagnating,” despite player activity being higher than it has been in the last five years, is the lack of major wars between the nullsec powers.  Some argue that this is the result of the “Blue Donut” of coalitions, others blame diplomats.  The reality is that there just isn’t a good reason, beyond ‘good fights,’ for these powers to go head to head. 

CCP needs to devote significant time and resources to developing conflict drivers for nullsec, to give them a reason to fight.

2. Mini-Blackouts – redesign “local chat” to be less about intel, provide groups a choice

While the Blackout was an idea that was extremely controversial, what it showed was the potential for conflict generation when “perfect intel” is removed from the game. 

CCP has acknowledged that the local chat channel was never intended to be an intel tool.  Combat probes, D-scan – all pale in comparison to the power of local chat for telling you what’s around you in space.

Some Blackout style changes that could be implemented include creating an ihub upgrade that allows for instant local in nullsec – otherwise local is delayed by a certain period of time. The module could be disrupted by entosising or even attacking the ihub to put it offline temporarily.  Systems with no active sov holder would not have instant intel, for instance.

CCP should explore making local chat, as a perfect intel tool, less perfect and requiring some kind of trade-off for such a significant game mechanic. Players should have the choice – perfect intel or something else they want.  At the very least, this could make certain areas of nullsec less safe than they are today.  

3. Resource and Ratting Depletion

In real life, one of the biggest conflict drivers that arose between tribes of humans, and has continued on today’s world of nation-states, has been over resources.  In EVE, however, resources are not only plentiful, they are endless.  Those who wish to “farm” asteroids will find themselves with an endless supply.  Those who wish to “rat,” killing pirate ships for bounty money from CONCORD, will find a limitless supply of moron NPCs who blithely go to their deaths over and over again, every day endlessly.

This isn’t how real life works.  If an area is mined out, people have to move on.  If you over hunt or over fish in an area in real life, you have to move on until those stocks replenish.  Real humans would learn to avoid areas where they know people are going to shoot at them. 

CCP should explore creating diminishing returns for both mining and ratting, where the more mining and ratting done in a system over a certain period of time, the less valuable mining those areas are.  This would force groups to be less like the Romans and more like the Mongols, roaming continually to feed their empires, and force conflict as the big empires strive to capturing the most pristine grounds for their krabbers.  

4. The Return of Passive Income – Money Trees to Fight Over

When CCP changed the moon mining system to move it away from a passive income generation stream to requiring active mining of moons, nullsec players lost one of the key alliance level assets that created conflict.  Fights over R64 moons were some of the most obvious, and important, battles in EVE for a long time, and that was lost when passive income went away.

CCP should explore whether creating a new form of passive income – one that is significant enough to be worth fighting over, but not economy breaking – could help drive conflict in nullsec.

5. War Declaration Iteration and Communication

The changes to War Decs that were designed and implemented after CSM 13 are some of the top changes to the game made by CCP as a result of CSM feedback.  The changes have been part of the reversing trend of new players being turned off from EVE within the first week, and have been largely accepted and approved by the player base.  That being said, the war dec community would like to see some changes to help promote their playstyle, and the larger community has some issues they want to see fixed.  CCP should explore (hat tip to Suitonia for some of these):

  • Retaliation Mechanics – Defenders should be able to retaliate against Attackers who have dropped the war or kicked a corporation during a war. The retaliation would allow the Defender to issue a new war that goes immediately into effect, with no 24 hour waiting period.
  • No Putting Ships in Capital Ship Maintenance Arrays While Tackled – Attackers can be some of the most risk averse players in EVE, and they love to find creative ways to frustrate Defenders. One way they have been doing this is to park neutral Bowhead or Orcas on a citadel grid, and if a fleet they can’t handle shows up, they dump their ships into the Capital’s Ship Maintenance Array – even if the ship is tackled.  This provides the Attackers with an easy way to never lose a fight, and it’s one of the most anti-EVE things out there.  This needs to be addressed.
  • Prevent Players from Joining Corps Actively Engaged in an Offensive War – One of the goals of the war dec changes was to make wars more meaningful, and provide Defenders with a way to win. Corp hopping – when players join a corp to help with a specific timer – makes a mockery of the corporation system, allowing players to hop in and participate in a war, then hop out when they’ve finished the timer or want to do something else – is the opposite of what the war dec changes were supposed to provide.  CCP should not allow Corporations with active Offensive Wars to recruit players who have not spent at least 24 hours in an NPC Corporation prior to their joining corp.  This should prevent most corp hopping while having minimal impact on actual corporation recruitment.
  • Talk to the War Dec Community – One of the biggest complaints from the war dec community is that CCP didn’t talk to them when they implemented their changes last year. While CCP was aware of and did review a lot of the information compiled by the community, it would be beneficial for them, in a structured way, to get feedback directly from those who are most involved in High Sec war decs and find out what their priorities and concerns are.   

6. Consider adding additional NPC nullsec space

This is a repeat from last CSM campaign, but it remains important, especially with the rise of ratting and mining empires in the Drone Lands and other areas of New Eden nulsec that do not have NPC space.

One of the biggest issues with hitting large empires, especially those in the Northeast, is the lack of NPC held nullsec space.  A region like Delve, despite its reputation for being the toughest area in the game to play in because of the Supercapital umbrella of the Imperium, remains dangerous and accessible to hostile groups because they have the benefit of NPC nullsec within jump range of many of Delve’s most important systems.  This means that, no matter how active, there’s always a risk of attack in Fortress Delve.

The same can’t be said of other regions of the game, like the Drone Lands, where there is no NPC null space for raiders to stage from.  This makes impacting the infrastructure of some of the nullsec empires extremely difficult, and thus those areas are exploding in ratting and mining, and they’ve also become a haven for bots and RMT.  Adding NPC nullsec in those areas would at least provide a meaningful beachhead for guerrilla warfare and anti-Botting game play against those alliances.

CCP should consider expanding NPC nullsec space, especially in the Northeast.

BIG IDEA #2 – Keep Rocking the Balance Changes

  1. Continue Iterations on the Capital and Supercapital Meta

CCP has gone come a long way over the last few years when it comes to the capital and supercapital metas, but there is still much work to be done.  The massive EHP nerf that was seen in April 2020 was just one part of a larger rethinking of the capital and supercapital meta that needs to happen.

Each ship in the capital meta needs to have a specific purpose or roll to fill.  Right now, why bring a Titan when a Dread will do more damage?  Why bring a Supercapital when you can bring a Titan?  The recent changes to carriers to make them the tackle capital is a step in the right direction, but CCP needs to come up with a comprehensive game design for the supercapital meta that makes sense and will promote conflict between players.

2. Continue Module Tiericide

It may not be sexy, but module tiericide helps to, as CCP Burger would say, “fix the stupid” in EVE, making things easier for newer players by providing names of items that make sense and by tweaking existing modules so they fit into a rational system that scales properly. 

CCP should keep providing rounds of module tiericide each quadrant release.

3. Capital MJDs

Dunk Dinkle had his Tech 2 salvage drones, I have my Capital MJDs.  Someday it will happen.  Maybe.

4. Marauder Lock Range Buff

With both Tech 1 and Tech 2 battleships getting buffs to scan resolution, it’s time to provide a similar buff to their bastion module using big brothers, the Marauders.  While the Golem has a lock range that’s close to its Tech 1 brethern (119 km for the Golem vs. 135 km for the Rokh), the Vargur is rocking a horribly bad 101 km lock range.  Let’s get these ships back in line with the rest of the battleships so they can be used for fun things like MJD spearfishing.

BIG IDEA #3 – It’s Lowsec and Faction Warfare’s Turn

  1. Give Lowsec a reason for existing – Create the Subcap PvP Paradise

Each area of the game needs to have a fundamental reason for existing.  Highsec is the “safe” area of EVE, where new players and PvErs are free to run missions and mine in Covetors in relatively safety, with CONCORD standing by the annihilate anybody who ganks them.  It’s the marketplace and industry hub of EVE, as well.  Nullsec is the domain of the giant player built Empires, where politics and reputations rule, and where much of the sand of this sandbox game exists.  Wormholes are a unique area, EVE Online on “hard mode,” with different mechanics and culture from the rest of the game.  So that leaves lowsec.  What’s the point?

It’s more safe than null, less than high.  It has Faction Warfare, but that area of the game needs work, too.  So what’s the point of it?  Lowsec needs a function that makes sense and is fun. One thing CCP could do is make Lowsec into a subcap PvP paradise, by banning the use of all combat capital ships.  Lowsec should be the place where you don’t have to worry about dreadbombs and carriers getting dropped on your heads constantly.  It should be the place where Titans fear to traverse, because they can’t fight back, and if you get caught, you either need a response fleet or you’re going to die. 

Lowsec should be the destination of every small gang roam, because they know they’ll be able to get a fight there. 

CCP should explore making Lowsec a subcap PvP zone for EVE Online.

  1. Faction Warfare Revamp

It’s their turn.  Almost every other area of the game has seen significant iteration over the last few years, but Faction Warfare remains relatively unchanged, despite the significant impact of the Citadel expansion.  It’s time for Faction Warfare to get a solid six+ month development cycle, to rethink it and make it more fun. 

A few ideas I’d like to see explored in a Faction Warfare Revamp include:

  • Citadel Changes – One of the goals of controlling a system in the old days of FW was to lock the opposing team out of the outposts in the system. That’s possible in the current system, but player owned citadels take the bite out of losing a system – as long as you have a player owned structure, you’ve got access to your assets, a safe place to log and tethering.  This should change – loss of control of a system should lock down all player owned structures of the opposing Faction, shut off tether and drop those citadels into abandoned state.  This provides a meaningful impact to losing or controlling a system.  Player structures of neutral alliances who are not engaged in Faction Warfare should be off-limits to Faction Warfare players, to prevent workarounds.
  • Rank System – As you fight in Faction Warfare, you should rise through the ranks of the Faction Militia, from second lieutenant to General (or Ensign to Admiral, depending on the Faction), with each rank providing modest increases to LP gain and cheaper costs in the LP store. That rank should travel with you wherever you go and be viewable on the player info sheet, and if you switch Factions, you should lose it.  This would provide a meaningful achievement system for those players engaged in FW.
  • Broaden Who Can Participate – One reason it’s difficult for players to get into FW, especially on a main account, is the requirement to join a FW corporation. Instead, CCP should explore designing a system that allows existing corporations to join a side in Faction Warfare – essentially declaring their loyalties to an existing Faction – which would allow them to participate in FW while remaining with their existing group of friends.

Random Things Brisc Wants (Brisc’s List of Fun and/or Player Requested Features)

  1. New missions for high sec mission runners.
  2. Tech 2 salvage drones
  3. A lowsec gate to Stain
  4. An in-game novelty item “Brisc Rubal’s Expert Guide to Wormholes”
  5. Player built/owned Triglavian Titans
  6. Tech 2 reactive Armor hardners
  7. “Drone Chooses Independent Target” option under drone aggression
  8. A reason for anybody to fly a Griffin Navy Issue
  9. Let me click on somebody from my watch list and have it show up in the “selected items” box
  10. Optimize/Rework Corp and Alliance settings
  11. Patch Notes as a separate Dev Blog so we can see them as they’re updated FOR THE LOVE OF GOD
  12. Better starting overview and window layout for new players.
  13. Fix the lock/unlock mechanic for BPOs and BPCs so that votes to lock/unlock are recognized, the interface is no longer buggy and slow and make it user friendly.
  14. Logi on killmails. Oh, this is kind of funny, actually. From CSM 1.