Brisc’s List

Since the first campaign in 2018, Brisc has kept a list of player ideas that he’s supplemented with ideas and agenda items he will bring up with CCP during each term. Many of these items have found their way into the game over the last four years. This is Brisc’s last term on the CSM before term limits kick in, so he intends to focus on items in the following areas:

CSM 17 Big Ideas and Agenda

#1 Content generation for all areas of space

  • FW/Lowsec Revamp
  • Revamp the mission system and add new missions
  • Revamp the career agents to extend the NPE training process
  • Bring income generation in the rest of space in-line with abyssal PvE and WH wealth generation
  • Update the DBS to make 100% the floor, and 200% the max
  • Fix the reserve bank key issues so more of these sites are run, more keys produced, more reserve banks heisted by non sov-holders
  • Continue tweaking the price and isk generation for CRAB beacons to ensure they are providing a proper risk/reward

#2 Refreshing the game to keep it interesting for vets (and some nostalgia)

  • New ships and drones
    • Trig Titan
    • Edencomm Dreads
    • Trig drones
    • Supertitans (reduced DD time, increased cost and EHP)
    • “Pirate” ships with bonuses based on negative sec status
  • New types of citadel models
  • Skins of old ship models
  • More saved ship fittings
  • Allow citadel owners to pay for mission agents to be based in those citadels
  • Sov changes,
    • Merging the TCU and IHUB
    • Allow sov holders to upgrade their space in a variety of ways through those structures
  • Every nullsec region has some NPC null space with at least one station
  • Open the third gate in Pochven home systems to allow connections between them
  • Open Pochven anchorages in home systems so they can be used, including for use in industry and provide them with similar bonuses to upwell structures

#3 Fix broken shit

  • Allow players to disable the delivery hanger
  • Allow players to delete items in citadels and asset safety
  • Allow players to refine, repackage, repair, and sell items from cans, and to reorganize cans outside a station/citadel
  • Allow players to repackage multiple ships at the same time
  • Stations should treat jump clones the same way (allow jumping between clones in a station without a 24 hour timer)
  • Rats should not be able to target you from 10000k
  • Fix AI on Pochven rats so some are no longer AFK
  • Ensure that all cans that drop from a dead structure are lootable (and all items in those cans)
  • Update the corporation and alliance panels to make them more user friendly
  • Additional corp hangers
  • ACL updates and additions to a variety of existing systems
    • Shareable ACL lists for standings
    • ACLs for individual hangers
    • Allow players to see whose ACL lists you are on and block those you don’t want to access
    • ACL for player wallets
  • PI revamp
    • Reduce size of PI materials
    • Reduce clicking
    • Allow for shared/saved templates
    • PI on the toilet (PI in the EVE Portal App)

#4 Player-friendly monetization – let us pay you for what we actually want

  • More skins
    • Corporation skins
    • Alliance skins
    • Structure skins
    • Internal structure skins
    • Bronze Megathron skin
    • Helios police skin
  • Cat ears
  • Additional clones per account
  • New player photo backgrounds
  • New corp logo graphics
  • Increased alliance/corp/personal contracts
  • Player created advertising in game

#5 CSM-related changes

  • More transparency on the CSM
    • CCP takes notes/minutes of meetings and publishes them monthly
    • CCP reviews videos and releases those that are no longer NDA due to release of public material
  • End term limits
  • Two summits per year
  • Better metrics released to players on player activity
  • Ombudsman for banned players

#6 Miscellaneous player-requested changes

  • Tech 2 Reactive Armor Hardeners
  • “Drones Choose Independent Target” option under drone aggression
  • Links/Boost apply to tethered ships
  • Logi on killmails
  • HICs can light cynos
  • Increase Revenant fighter bay size
  • Asset safety tab includes cost to redeem items
  • Jump formations, like fleet formations
  • Alliance medals