The members of CSM 15 released a statement today regarding the upcoming Empire War between the Legacy led mega-coalition against the Imperium.


In preparation for what is widely believed to be the largest nullsec empire vs. empire war in the last 4 years, the members of CSM 15 have issued the following statement:

Recognizing that the CSM includes representatives from all three major nullsec coalitions as well as independent non-aligned members, and some of those members are senior level decision makers in those coalitions, the CSM met to discuss potential issues in the internal workings of the CSM as a result of this conflict.

All of the members of CSM 15 are concerned that the implementation of major game changes that could impact the outcome of the war during the upcoming period of hostilities could damage the
reputation of the CSM and its relationship with CCP. There already exists in the minds of many players the belief – a false one – that CSM members actively advocate in their own interests rather than the interests of the entire game.

In order to combat that perception, all of the members of CSM 15 have agreed to the following:

The CSM recommends to CCP that they carefully consider the effects of implementing any changes that could lead a reasonable, objective third party player to believe that CCP was attempting to make changes to the game to benefit one or more of the belligerents at the expense of the others. This does not mean, however, that they will recommend CCP stop work on potential game changes that could impact the war, simply that they carefully consider the effects of implementing any changes.

The CSM takes its duty to represent the players and to advocate for changes that benefit the entirety of New Eden seriously. The goal of this statement is to reassure players that the CSM will not actively use their influence inappropriately and they will do their best to provide CCP with the best advice and feedback they can in an impartial manner.

As always, final decisions about any changes to the game rest with CCP, and, at best, the CSM provides feedback, guidance and advice. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with the developers, even while we’re actively blowing each other up in the game.