Brisc Rubal would like to thank the following organizations and people for their endorsement of his bid for CSM13

STK Scientific

The Initiative

Goonswarm Federation (The Imperium)

FAYN Industries

Black Legion (They endorsed the fun way)

Brave Collective


What they’re saying about Brisc

“We are in the process of adjusting the [Imperium ballot] because Brisc Rubal’s CSM video was so awesome and full of hilarious in-jokes that we have to jam him on the ballot on there somewhere … Brisc Rubal is definitely going to end up on the ballot somewhere. ” – The Mittani, Imperium Coalition Leader, Goonswarm CEO, CSM 6/7

“…[H]e’s a great guy to have in the alliance, no one can say he doesn’t have experience in working with bullshitters and promise-merchants, so give him a try at a job where he’s SUPPOSED to be representing [R]ussians, I say.” – Malcanis, CSM 8

“I really liked [his] video, and that’s why I voted for [him.]” – Lumio en Tilavane, Bane of PL, One-Man Slayer of Raitarus and Defender of Providence

“Awesome candidate.” – Matterall, Host of Talking in Stations

“He’s the best candidate I know…Brisc Rubal is my last hope.” – Pandoralica, INIT FC

“I think this could be really interesting. I hope I get a chance to work with this guy.” – Xenuria, CSM 11

“I pinged discord for everyone to vote for you with all of their characters. You are our and will be our only endorsement.”- Blaster Masterson, FC, Black Legion

“Brisc Rubal is the only politician I trust. He goes out of his way to reach out to the community and I truly believe he will be a great champion ‘of the people’ on the CSM.” – Exonfang, INIT. Diplomat/FC

Image of Lakhthaar

“He’ll fix it, I know he will” – Lakhthaar, Former STK-S CEO


“This guy blew up a Yacht with officer mods for a meme on Zkillboard? I like his style.” – The Loot Fairy

Lone From Jita

“Seems decent” – Lone, From Jita